Here is a list of frequently asked questions and their answers.

All of our gemstones are checked by Julien BOEMO (FGA), graduated in gemmology from the London International Gem-A school. You can find detailed information for each gem by clicking on its picture. If you need any additional information, we would be delighted to answer your questions thanks to the contact form.

If you would like to buy a gemstone on our website, it is really easy! You just need to click on "Buy now" and fill in the form that will be displayed. No banking information will be asked on the website. We will contact you to know which means of payment would suit you.

For purchases from Metropolitan France: you only pay the amount indicated on the website.

For purchases from the French overseas departments and territories and outside France, please contact us for more information.

Your order will be processed shortly after payment of the total amount. Once it is shipped, delivery takes 3 or 4 working days by post for metropolitan France. It takes 7 to 10 working days for other countries of the European Union (and Switzerland). For orders outside the European Union, delivery time depends on the local postal services and customs formalities.

NB: Payments by check take more time to be confirmed than electronic payment means. Therefore, it takes a little more time for your order to be processed with this means of payment.

If the order does not meet your expectations, let us know within 10 days following receipt of the package. We will fully refund you, except for return postage fees that are at your expense.

Unfortunately, the quality of a cut is often neglected in the gems world. That is however a very important criterion: a bad cut does not reveal the full potential of a gemstone.

The (☼) symbol means that the gemstone has been cut by Gem-Forest (Julien Boemo). When a gemstone has been cut by another gem cutter, we make sure that it is a good quality cut.

Every cut or re-cut project will be subject to a study of the gemstone in our workshop. The price for the study is always included in the quote.

In case the project could not be completed for some reasons (insufficient quality of the gemstone for a facet cut for instance), an amount of 20 € applies to compensate for the study time.

There are several types of gem treatments; some are reversible. In a time of strong global demand for gemstones, treatments become unavoidable. Heating is one of the most common treatments The gem is heated to improve its color and/or its clarity. Obviously there are many other treatments but we will not draw up an exhaustive list here.

From a legal point of view, it is important to be advised in case of treatments. Gem-Forest gives you a description of each gemstone. If a gemstone has been treated, it will be indicated in its description.

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Gem-Forest is the work of a lapidary artist and gemologist who is passionated about gemstones: Julien Boemo (FGA). He travels the world to find pretty gemstones to cut. High-quality faceting work is one of the main goal of our company.

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