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Julien Boemo - Lapidary artist and gemologist

Precision gem cutting is an art. Of course, gem cutters have to deal with optical rules that will guide their work. However, there is a significant part of the result that comes from creativity and the talent of the gem cutter himself/herself.

We offer a custom faceting service for professionals and privates. Here is a list of the lapidary services you might want us to achieve:

  • Gem cutting of rough gemstones
  • Recutting/repolishing gemstones
  • Gem cutting to replace a broken gemstone or to adjust to a new piece of jewelry
  • Drawing custom cutting designs
  • Cabochon cutting/recutting with a precise shape or free form

Each single project you might ask us will require a quote.

Since our work is based on high precision faceting art: every project is unique. This is why we cannot display a single price scale for our work. We invite you to contact us so we will be able to understand your expectations and give you a good idea of the final price for your project.

Our priorities:

Your satisfaction 100%

Creativity 100%

Communication 100%

Originality 100%

Well organised atoms with no impurity will bring transparency to the purest crystals.

Mental arithmetic is gem cutter’s best friend while working on the excess material removal.

Gemstones are not created in one day, it is a good reason to give time to the artisan to produce a quality work.

Such an art that requires hours of practice and trials until success comes.

Contact Details

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Gem-Forest is the work of a lapidary artist and gemologist who is passionated about gemstones: Julien Boemo (FGA). He travels the world to find pretty gemstones to cut. High-quality faceting work is one of the main goal of our company.

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